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Shahram Golparian is a well known artist and academic in fields of visual arts and Graphic design in Iran.

He has over 25 years of experience teaching university level art courses.

He has a BFA in painting from Tehran University and an M.A. in Graphic Design (Illustration) from Azad University.

He has also been awarded an honorary Arts certificate from the Ministry of Art and Culture in Iran.

His artworks have so far been exhibited in several museums in Iran and he has received many awards for his art pieces.

He is recognized for his paintings, his many years of work in commercial photography and graphic design, and his academic work in the field of graphic design education.

Furthermore, Shahram is also a certified music composer and has composed educational music pieces and film music. He has also rearranged many of the Persian Folk songs and has published three well-known albums with a legendary Persian Singer Mohammad Noory.



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